TSI's Glucosagreen® shellfish glucosamine immune to new UK import regulations

February 1, 2014

Shanghai, China


TSI Group's CEO Joe Zhou confirmed today that their non-shellfish derived GlucosaGreen® Glucosamine products will not be subject to the UK Food Standard Agency's new policy, which regulates importation of animal-derived glucosamine and chitosan products.

The policy, set to take effect early this year, reflects the UK Food Standard Agency's efforts to harmonize importation procedures for animal-derived food supplement raw materials. This new approach has the potential to significantly impact the importation — and, thus, the supply— of animal-derived glucosamine in the UK as well as throughout the European Union.

"It’s clear that these new regulations will disrupt the supply of animal-derived glucosamine ingredients into Europe," said Mr. Zhou. "Our ability to deliver high quality and non-shellfish derived glucosamine products provides TSI with a unique global leadership position to readily supply, without any regulatory restrictions, competitively priced, and EU compliant (substantial-equivalent) glucosamine products.  Due to our superior manufacturing technologies, TSI offers a complete range of non-shellfish derived glucosamine ingredients that can be used in any current glucosamine formulation without any formula and process changes.”

For more information about GlucosaGreen® non-shellfish derived Glucosamine ingredients, please contact TSI at infoeurope@tsiinc.com for EU inquiries or at customersupport@tsiinc.com for US inquiries.

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