TSI to Co-Sponsor China International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit

May 18, 2016

Health and nutrition industry leaders are invited to the China International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit 2016, hosted by the U.S.-China Health Products Association, to learn more about this growing market and network

Sports nutrition has a very promising future in China, but members of the industry need to work more closely together to educate, share and guide the industry toward its true potential.

The fitness and exercise industry is growing exponentially. However, sports nutrition is not enjoying similar expansion because of the regulatory environment as well as consumers' lack of product knowledge.

With sales and growth data in mind, the U.S.-China Health Products Association is organizing the China International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit 2016 in Shanghai with sponsors GNC, NSF, TSI Group and World Health Store. The June 20 summit is bringing together global and domestic industry leaders to learn, share and network.

This is a must-attend event for those interested in learning more about China’s sports nutrition regulatory environment, product-approval process, market size, sales channels, and cutting-edge ingredients and products. Also, experts who have been involved in China’s sports nutrition/fitness industry since its inception will be making presentations.

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