TSI Group sponsors successful USCHPA China Nutrition Summit

November 14, 2014

China international nutrition summit a success

The U.S.–China Health Products Association (USCHPA) organized and hosted the 2014 China International Nutrition and Health Industry Summit in Beijing, China on Nov. 3 to 4, 2014. Enzymotec, Lallemand, NSF and TSI Group sponsored the Summit.

N&H Summit attracted 110 global industry leaders representing 60 companies and organizations. Government officials from China, the U.S., EU, Canada and Israel were also in attendance.

The agenda was filled with 25 speakers from the following organizations: USCHPA, China FDA, China Nutrition Society, U.S. Embassy, Delegation of the EU, Israel Embassy, Wellgenex, Ankang Consulting, China Gate Consulting, TSI Group, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Pharmaceutical, NSF International, Euromonitor, FDA Imports, ExportNow.com, Cardinal Health, Enzymotec, Lallemand Health Solutions, ConsumerLab.com, Capsugel, Unigen, Tasly Group and Brassica Protection Products.

The event was a big success and a much needed venue to share, learn and network in China. Deputy Director General Zhang Jinjing from China’s FDA noted, “This was a great event and good chance to share information.” Director Zhang and Professor Yang Yuexin from China’s Nutrition Society were extremely popular during the Q&A sessions because China is in the process of reforming its health food regulations and industry is hungry for information and guidance.

The overall success of the China International Nutrition and Health Industry Summit has solidified it as an annual event. Those unable to attend this year make sure you plan on attending next year. As China moves forward with regulatory reform, China’s overall natural health product industry will expand exponentially. Currently the market is ranked second behind that of the U.S. in terms of sales, which are hovering around $20 billion and $33 billion, respectively.  


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Source: Engredea News & Analysis

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