BetaATP™ Nominated for Sport and Energy Finished Product of the Year Award

May 6, 2015, 6:00 PM

Vitafoods trade show, Geneva, Switzerland

The inaugural NutraIngredients Awards dinner will take place May 6th in Geneva, Switzerland in conjunction with the Vitafoods Europe trade show.  From 125 entries, TSI's BetaATP™ is nominated for the Sport and Energy Finished Product of the Year award. A group of independent experts and judges will hear presentations from 20 companies in seven categories including:



  • Heart and Brain Finished Product of the Year
  • Immune Finished Product of the Year
  • Start-up Ingredient of the Year
  • University Research of the Year
  • Editors Choice Award
  • Readers Choice Award

To learn more about BetaATP visit www.betaatp.com

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