TSI Announces GlucosaGreenDF™ Glucosamine Ingredient Line

September 27, 2016


TSI Group Co. Ltd. (TSI) proudly announces the launch of GlucosaGreenDF™ – the world’s first non-shellfish glucosamine branded product line produced by an innovative and patent-pending direct fermentation technology, with regulatory approval, that is expected to revolutionize the global glucosamine market.

Glucosamine has grown over the years into one of the most popular and essential ingredients in the global joint-care category.  Historically, the production of glucosamine ingredients has been largely dependent on shellfish derived chitin as a starting material. Unfortunately, chitin has exhibited significant challenges, such as a frequently unclear supply chain, inconsistent quality and potentially harmful environmental impact due to manufacturing conditions.  In addition, shellfish derived glucosamine ingredients are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans and their uses are also prohibited by certain religions.  

According to TSI’s CEO Joe Zhou, “The patent pending, direct fermentation manufacturing technology that supports GlucosaGreenDF™ is considered ‘disruptive’ since it effectively addresses and offers efficient solutions to all of the challenges inherent in shellfish derived chitin production processes.” Zhou continued, “The GlucosaGreenDF™ process is a totally transparent, fully traceable, cost effective and environmental-friendly solution for brands and ultimately the consumer.”  

The GlucosaGreenDF™ glucosamine ingredient line includes Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Glucosamine Sulfates and N-Acetyl Glucosamine options. All grades are manufactured under the highest quality CGMP conditions and they are tested to ensure full compliance with international monographs such as USP and the European Pharmacopeia. 

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