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286 Fison Ave E
Eagle Farm QLD 4009

TSI was established as NPD (New Product Development) in Brisbane, Australia in 1988.


Since then it has grown to supply and package an extensive range of non-scheduled, listed and registered products for established clients, including major pharmaceutical brands sold in pharmacies, supermarkets, online and those dispensed via practitioners.

TSI Pharmaceuticals offers products in a wide range of delivery forms – including uncoated or coated tablets, softgels, powders and hard two-piece gelatin and vegetarian capsules of all sizes as well as liquids and creams. This variety provides versatility to our clients in manufacturing a range of bulk or shelf-ready finished packaged goods TSI Pharmaceuticals offers quality with continuous product and process improvements by way of detailed and technical operating procedures, internal and external auditing, and validation of manufacturing and testing procedures.

Additional advantages of partnering with TSI Pharmaceuticals:

  • Modern efficiencies
  • Automated order tracking
  • Comprehensive, no-cost quality assurance testing
  • Flexible batch size and manufacturing methodology
  • Product packaging flexibility

TSI Pharmaceuticals services all of Australia and New Zealand. 

If you require specialty, high quality, high value ingredient manufacturing services, please contact us to explore how TSI can support your success.

Telephone:  +61 7 3623 4500




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